February 2009
The “Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)”
or “Mini-GmbH”

January 2009
The Reform of the Inheritance Tax Law and Succession of Partners in LLCs in Cases of Death

December 2008
Management Succession & Current Inheritance Tax Law

November 2008
Inheritance & Gifts
The Assessment of Real Estate

October 2008
Residential Property Law in Germany
from Legal and Practical Standpoints

September 2008
Equine Law

August 2008
Purchasing Real Estate in Germany

Juli 2008
Purchasing Real Estate in Spain

June 2008
Modernisation of the German Accounting Law (BilMoG)

May 2008
Trading with “Pollution Rights” - a brief outlook -

April 2008
Double inheritance tax on inheritances in Spain

March 2008
Tax evasion and immunity from prosecution

July 2007
Equal Treatment Act (Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) - current issues

June 2007
VAT reform 2008 - what's new?

May 2007
Corporate insolvency law + discharge of residual debt

April 2007
Reform of limited liability company law (MoMiG)

March 2007
Acquisition of property in Berlin by EU nationals

February 2007
Energy pass for property

January 2007
Risk of drop in distributable profit in joint medical practices

December 2006
New developments regarding Medical Care Units (Medizinische Versorgungszentren)

November 2006
Practical guide to the tax investigation procedure

October 2006
Is the GEZ (TV licence collection agency) allowed to carry out searches?

September 2006
Sale of property and tax

August 2006
Dead limited liability companies live longer

July 2006
The new Act amending the Law governing Accredited Physicians (Vertragsarztrechtsänderungsgesetz)

June 2006
Disclosure of annual financial statements

May 2006
Review of the Act on Improvement of Economic Efficiency in the Supply of Medicinal Products (Gesetz zur Verbesserung der Wirtschaftlichkeit in der Arzneimittelversorgung)

April 2006
Compulsory pension provision for directors/shareholders of limited liability companies (GmbH)

March 2006
German employment law and severance payments

February 2006
The German civil law partnership (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts) and legal personality issues

January 2006
Pacts must be respected (pacta sunt servanda)