The use of regenerative sources of energy is now an essential factor in the provision of heat and power in the European Union.

Energy policy and international agreements to avert the effects of climate change mean that there is great potential for economic development in this sector in Europe. The regulations governing energy in Germany (Renewable Energies Act (EEG), Combined Heat and Power Generation Act (KWKG)) and Spain (Royal Decree 436/2004, etc.) impose special requirements on the planning, approval, financing, establishment, net connection and net integration of a plant.

However, problems may still arise after a plant has gone into service in connection with fulfilment of the many statutory duties such as those under the Renewable Energies Act.

Irrespective of whether you are planning or already operating a wind park (onshore or offshore), a solar plant or a geothermic plant in Germany or Spain, whether you trade in electricity and are affected by the equalisation provisions of the German Renewable Energies Act, we can provide you with comprehensive advice and represent your interests in negotiations or in court.