State intervention and reforms to the health system make it essential for doctors to run their own practices as efficient business operations.

We advise doctors in independent practice on all issues related to civil law, the medical profession and the doctor's relationship to health insurance funds. We provide advice to doctors when statutory health insurance physicians and dentists associations announce profitability or plausibility inspections and threaten to reduce fees. When advising doctors or dentists who are planning to set up their own practices we always focus on the economic implications of any decision, in particular with regard to the form of cooperation.

The services which we provide include drafting agreements for the various forms of joint practice, medical centre, etc. Our expertise ranges from the legal aspects of establishing one's own practice to transferring it to a successor.

We also provide guidance to hospital doctors – whether to the junior doctor or the experienced chief physician – on all issues related to employment and service contracts and their specific and individual professional requirements. And we advise doctors on their transition from employed doctor to setting themselves in independent practice.