The legal requirements associated with operating a business constitute an important aspect of management. They concern not only the classic issues of individual and collective employment law but also embrace health and safety at work, environmental and consumer protection – indeed they are central to the very existence of the company.

- employment law
- labour and management relations
- business management

In the world of employment the management bears responsibility for its workforce, their protection and protection of the company itself.

- employment law
- Protection against Dismissal Act
- working hours
- Maternity Protection Act
- Youth Protection Act
- Disabled Persons Act
- Workplace Regulation
- Equal Treatment Act (Anti-Discrimination Act)

More than ever before management is responsible for the safety of the company and its products. Monitoring the technical and legal aspects of safety conditions is not just an ongoing responsibility, it also plays a crucial role in company purchases and takeovers. Jakstadt & Partner supports its clients in developing strategies to reconcile substantive employment and civil law with corporate needs. Where corporate risk cannot be entirely ruled out by organisational precautions it is essential to develop suitable cover strategies. Jakstadt & Partner can collaborate with insurance brokers to identify residual risk and draft appropriate insurance clauses.

- compensation and damages
- civil law
- insurance law

The services provided by Jakstadt & Partner comprise the drafting of employment contracts taking account of special requirements of part-time employment, marginal or fixed-term employment contracts. Increasingly there is a need for special contracts for employee participation schemes. Our services also include guidance to management in its relationship with the works council, e.g. on termination of individual employment contracts or collective employment law (material alteration to the company, mass redundancies, reconciliation of interest, social plan).

- civil law
- employment law
- labour and management relations
- Part-Time Employment Act
- Protection against Dismissal Act

Employment contracts must frequently take account of growing internationalisation. Jakstadt & Partner ensures that service contracts with an international component incorporate international social insurance and double taxation agreements  

- international law
- international social insurance
- double taxation
- foreign tax
- taxation of expatriates
- international employment law
- international commercial agency law
- Spanish employment law
- Spanish commercial agency law