Equestrianism and keeping horses are becoming more and more popular. With its exceptional breeds, Germany is world renowned in the field of equestrian sports. But regardless of whether you are a professional intent on pecuniary rewards or practising an especially engaging hobby, the world of horses holds all manner of particularities as well as difficulties. In the final analysis, it is about sensitive creatures and individuals who are concerned not only for the animals but also with considerable economic factors.

In order to maintain complete harmony in your personal relationship with your horse, Jakstadt & Partner offers you comprehensive assistance should legal questions ever arise. With a separate department dedicated especially to equine law, Jakstadt & Partner offers you expert advice to satisfy the unique requirements associated with the creatures we know as horses.

German Civil Code may refer to animals as objects, but the various fields of law, such as contract or warranty law, must always be applied appropriately with respect to the individual peculiarities of horses. But we never lose sight of the fact that the relationship between the person and his animals must always come first.

Whether you already have a horse or intend to become a proud owner, we can advise you out of court on all questions regarding horses as well as represent you in any court. We are likewise expert advisers to all equestrian professional guilds.

In years past Jakstadt & Partner has developed the clientele of its specialized equine law department not only in the private sector but also with commercial clients in the industry such that our scope of activities has expanded to the following areas:

- private horse owners
- commercial horse owners
- professional sales stables
- veterinary doctors
- equine clinics
- stallion services
- centres for reproductive medicine
- training stables (dressage and jumping)
- farriers

Similarly, the Jakstadt & Partner equine law department has in recent years been entrusted specifically with the following briefly cited legal topics:

- sales law
- warranty law/principal law
- personal liability law
- labour law (employee dispatch abroad)
- international turnover tax law (European Union)
- corporation law
- conversion law

May your greatest happiness be sitting in the saddle of a horse!

Caroline Smaxwil Lawyer