Jakstadt & Partner will be there to assist you when the interrelated needs of ongoing tax consultancy, business management and specific legal issues make it necessary to seek individual solutions.

As a businessman you will frequently face individual legal problems associated with tax assessment, corporate income tax, dividends or disguised profit distribution.

- tax law
- income tax law
- corporate income tax; disguised dividends
- business management
- accounting law
- employment law
- wage tax

Jakstadt & Partner will assist you with special tax investigations and tax audits. It will advise you on matters regarding the end-of-year accounting and problems of valuation for tax purposes. With its focus on commercial law Jakstadt & Partner has a wealth of experience in coordinating the interrelated legal, business and tax issues, taking account of both business and private considerations. We understand the legal and tax-specific economic implications of such issues on private assets.

- tax law
- income tax law
- tax on real estate transactions
- land tax
- trade tax

If necessary, Jakstadt & Partner will conduct proceedings on your behalf as a private individual or company before the finance courts. Our forensic experience enables us to litigate effectively before the finance courts on complex matters of tax law.

- tax law
- Fiscal Court Code
- Tax Code
- civil procedure

Jakstadt & Partner will act as your counsel should you or your company need to address concerns in the field of criminal tax or commercial law or even need to defend yourself or your company from criminal allegations or charges. Jakstadt & Partner will defend your interests should you ever be threatened under criminal tax, commercial or insolvency law in connection with your activities under civil law.

- tax law
- fiscal offences
- criminal business law
- insolvency law
- criminal insolvency law
- criminal procedural law

Jakstadt & Partner can also advise you as an entrepreneur on issues related to your social insurance status. We will advise you and look after your interests with a view to structuring your own business activity or that of your partners and relatives without generating social insurance obligations within the framework of corporate, tax and social insurance law. We will also analyse legal documents of the entrepreneur to identify any risk of back social insurance contribution liabilities. In so doing we seek to avoid unscheduled social insurance contribution liabilities, in particular in connection with pension insurance, incalculable demands for back contributions for the company or entrepreneur which - in a worst case scenario - could plunge the company into a state of crisis with the concomitant risk of insolvency. Should it be necessary Jakstadt & Partner can assert your social insurance claims before the competent German social courts.

- social insurance law/pension
- social insurance law
- pension insurance law
- unemployment insurance law
- Social Court Act
- civil procedure
- tax law
- corporate law
- corporate income tax law
- income tax law
- insolvency law
- pension guarantees – pension security agreement